Thursday, August 12, 2010

terrell brown

Terrell brown - That abhorrent lineman is Terrell Brown, a 6-foot-11, 390-pounder from Drew. Co-offensive coordinator Mike Markuson said Brown’s football acquaintance is actual bound and he’s about too

huge to play football because it’s boxy for him to angle down and be adjustable abundant to get acceptable drive off the abhorrent line. If he does contribute, it’ll acceptable be a year or two down the road. But he’s every bit of that 6-11, 390. He’s about a abounding arch taller than larboard accouterment Bradley Sowell if they angle next to anniversary added and Sowell is about 6-7 and 305.

As for the blow of the abhorrent line, it appears the Rebels are assuredly alpha to advance some depth. From larboard to right, the starters are Sowell, Alex Washington, A.J. Hawkins, Rishaw Johnson and Bobby Massie. The backups, from larboard to right, are Emmanuel McCray, Michael Brown, Evan Swindall, Chris Gill and Logan Clair. On the third string, Josh Tatum and

Jared Duke could be advantageous as well.

Sowell and Massie are the starters with the a lot of experience. Washington’s absent a lot of weight over the accomplished year, which should help. Hawkins has airtight the brawl actual able-bodied in practice, but Markuson has complained about a “shut-off switch” that happens if he gets tired. Johnson is the a lot of physically accomplished autogenous lineman of the bunch, abnormally in commendations to strength.

That’s not to say all 12 of the guys listed aloft are All-SEC ability appropriate now. But it looks like Markuson is appealing assured he can get eight or nine acceptable linemen out of the group. Also,

Matt Hall

is practicing but disqualified afterwards appointment from Arkansas. He should accept a role in 2011.
* In today’s Clarion-Ledger, we yield a attending at quarterback Randall Mackey, who has played actual able-bodied during the aboriginal few practices. Also, in today’s notebook, we acquisition that Jeremiah Masolikeeps impressing humans as well.

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