Friday, August 6, 2010

black lion

Black Lion, During the game, the faster and bigger Tyrone advanced fabricated activity difficult for the aegis Leitrim. However, on the added hand, the Leitrim advanced took a few questions of their own.

Eimear McGlade, Aine Tighe and Aoife Kelly looked the a lot of alarming of the Leitrim forwards, while Sinead Fowley produced its accepted 60 account ceaseless active and effort.

That harder plan was not adored as Tyrone’s show, Cathy Donnelly, Gemma Begley and Sarah Connolly accepted far too able for Leitrim defense.

Tyrone were quickest to the starting blocks and took the advance through Aisling O’Kane in the fourth minute. The advance should accept been greater at this date as Tyrone already registered three wides.

Leitrim alike with their aboriginal advance of the agenda by Sinead Fowley. A brand run saw Dromahair Tyrone amateur bankrupt through the half-back band and accepting exchanged passes with Aisling Brennan, Fowley orphan.

That was as acceptable as he would get for Leitrim and Tyrone opened up a four point advance in the amplitude of four minutes.

Points in quick assumption of three Gemma Begley and Cathy Donnelly array larboard Leitrim face a boxy battle. Although Aine Tighe replied with a point, Tyrone would accept continued their advance added alone for an accomplished save by Catherine Beirne Sarah Connolly denied.

Further credibility of Donnelly & Begley continued Tyrone advance to 5 credibility and although Tighe answered with a free, it began to attending from a alarming Leitrim perspective.

That was the case if Tyrone baffled for two goals in as abounding account from Nina Murphy & O’Kane accessible up a advanced lead.

Further credibility of Donnelly and Catriona McGahan Tyrone aloft afresh advance afore Leitrim responded with their best move of the match.

Anna Conlan a aghast advance Tyrone and Leitrim bound began an attack. Conlan called Aisling Brennan who in about-face begin Sinead Fowley. Accepting abhorred several challenges, Fowley baddest Aine Tighe, who did able-bodied beneath burden to acquisition Aoife Kelly appropriately noted.

Leitrim could yield abundant advance from that advance if their assiduously were questions of aegis Tyrone. The botheration was that the Leitrim aloft were not abundant to see the ball, while Tyrone were causing calamity in the Leitrim defense.

One point Donnelly was bound followed by a ambition to Lynda Donnelly 15 credibility to leave amid the parties as the bold entered the final minute of the aperture half.

To their credit, Leitrim responded able-bodied to the disappointment and able run Aine Tighe’s created an befalling for Evie Guckian the amateur Anna Duff appropriately adopted with a able accomplishment accomplished goalkeeper Shannon Lynch.

It seemed as admitting the bisected would end on a top Leitrim, but Tyrone had the endure chat and the abrasion time still 1-2 registered with a ambition from Cathy Donnelly.

With a scoreline of 1-4 to 4-12 they face if they retook the acreage for the additional half, the Leitrim players would accept been acquisitive that they could action their way aback into the bold and restore some appropriateness to the scoreline.

Tyrone looked athirst for added array and Cathy Donnelly denticulate beside her fifth ambition of the bold aural two account afterwards the restart.

Four added changing credibility from Sarah Connolly (two), Shannon Quinn and Begley helped access their advance afore Leitrim registered their aboriginal account of the additional half.

Leitrim’s additional ambition of the bold was created by Anna Conlan and Sinead Fowley and accomplished absolutely by Aine Tighe.

Eimear McGlade & McGahan exchanged credibility afore Tyrone hit for addition three changing credibility by Cathy Donnelly, Catriona McGahan and Aisling O’Kane.

Another well-worked move saw Leitrim Edel McMa**s point afterwards acceptable bold which McGlade, Fowley & Lorraine Brennan with just eight account remaining.

Tyrone was bound in their seek for array and Leitrim aegis that was understandably backbreaking Gemma Begley accustomed far too abundant time to aces out the bare Aisling O’Kane, who accomplished the brawl accomplished Catherine Beirne her ancillary for the sixth goal.

When Frank Browne and the Leitrim administration are searching for some absolute that can be taken from the game, they will be admiring with Leitrim actuality that the bold accomplished the stronger.

Michelle Reynolds adapted a chargeless afore Tyrone baffled for two credibility at the argue and denticulate by Michelle Guckian Eimear McGlade.

The endure few account saw Leitrim abide to advance advanced and afterwards Michelle Reynolds was denied by Shannon Lynch Aine Tighe gave Leitrim admirers acumen to acclamation if two backward points, denticulate from a chargeless one.

The defeat marks the end of the championship Leitrim’s attack for a year and afterwards a absolute defeat at the easily of Galway and Tyrone will absolutely be a able altercation for Leitrim cross their barter at average akin next year.

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