Tuesday, August 3, 2010

greenland shark

Greenland shark are deep-water sharks, living at base to 2000 meters (6600 feet), but the advice shows that they abide shallow waters, as they were aloof in the depths as baby as 8 meters (24 feet) at the aperture of the St. Lawrence River in North America. Their stomachs independent the charcoal of angle and mammals such as seals, deer, horses and bears. The absolute reindeer, bare its antlers, was begin in the abdomen capacity of a shark Greenland. This appearance has been well documented as to the same, answer many of the aloft annal the capacity of the stomach.

This bluff is generally the host of parasiticcopepods, Ommatokoita elongata, which is attached to the cornea and corneal feeds shark as a aftereffect of blister tissue leads to fractional amaurosis of the shark. Nevertheless, studies show, Greenland shark, probably, can ascertain light. Copepod is whitish-yellow animal that was said, glowing, but it was proven apocryphal American bluff parasitologist George Benz. Some conjecture that the action of copepods is
to allure casualty for sharks, as able-bodied as fishing bait.

This is apparent by the actuality that these sharks are usually sluggish were begin at a abundant faster affective animals (eg, squid) in the stomach. Nevertheless, the theory of copepods, confined as the allurement is attenuated by letters of Canadian researcher William Sommers in Arctic Canada, area he witnessed the Greenland bluff affective caribou from the baptize ’s edge.

In fact, the citizenry of St. Lawrence is decidedly await on the spot. Biologists apperceive little bluff reproduction and activity cycle, abreast from Ovoviviparity, its lifetime can be up to 200 years. In the 2000′s, the Greenland bluff is consistently empiric in the Gulf of St. Lawrence estuary, area she swims in the abysmal and bank water.

The aboriginal bluff empiric by scientists from the St. Lawrence was a large and apathetic women v. Greenland bluff St. Lawrence is not absolutely bare of the parasite elongata Ommatokoita, although the amount of samples after parasites do appearance signs of scarring of the cornea.

Greenland bluff food Greenland bluff meat is poisonous. This is due to the attendance of trimethylamine oxide toxin, which, after digestion, break down into trimethylamine, bearing furnishings agnate to acute drunkenness.

Occasionally, sled dogs, which will eventually eat the meat can not get up from the neurotoxins. Nevertheless, it can be eaten if it is above in several changes of baptize or broiled or brewed for a few months for Kæstur Hákarl, generally Hákarl for short. Previously, it was fabricated to coffin the bluff in the northern areas, subjecting them to several cycles of freezing and thawing. It is advised a airiness in Iceland and Greenland.

Similar baneful furnishings action with the corresponding sleeper bluff Pacific, but not in a lot of added breed of sharks, whose meat is generally captivated fresh.

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