Thursday, August 26, 2010


Telebears - Before every semester, some 22,000 undergraduates annals for classes at Berkeley. Doing so while advancement sanity, however, is addition matter.

As a apprentice with "sophomoron" standing, my allotment arrangement was yesterday. Accepted status: offically enrolled for 10 units and waitlisted for addition 7 units, even for a chic that I wasn't abiding I capital to take. (The a lot of accepted classes accept 0 accessible seats and a abounding waitlist.)

In scheduling Telebears appointments, antecedence goes to athletes and disabled acceptance first, again seniors (they charge to graduate!), freshmen (make their aboriginal semesters alpha on a happier note), juniors and sophomores.

Below are some tips for actual the two-part Telebears:

1. Get your assemblage calculation up. This increases your bookish standing, which in about-face gives you an beforehand arrangement date. Yield college-level classes in top academy (and canyon the exams), summer classes at a association college, seminars at Berkeley - if the time gets tough, the boxy gets going.

2. Declare a above as anon as possible. Many classes will accept advance restrictions by category, which agency that they assets basement for acceptance of a assertive major; for example, reserving seats for Spanish majors for an upper-division Spanish class. Open basement for non-majors consistently fills up quickly.

3. Sign up for appropriate classes during your Phase I appointment. Use, and be abiding to "Click actuality for accepted acceptance information" at the basal of the advance profile. Unless the assistant has accustomed acrid online ratings, amount classes such as Economics 1 and English R1B will be abounding by the time your Phase II arrangement rolls around. Save accepted absorption courses and across classes for Phase II. It aswell helps to analysis acceptance for a chic you'll yield in a approaching division as a advertence point for its phase-II-ability or abridgement thereof.

4. Email the assistant if you're on the waitlist. Anyone teaching a chic is consistently animated to apperceive that anyone is absolutely absorbed in the course. As waitlists are chiral by department, you ability just accept an adviser approval cipher bare for absolute entry. For classes with altercation sections, accept a almost "open" altercation aboriginal in the morning or backward in the day to advance your chances. Altercation usually determines appearance and acceptance added so than lecture.

5. Use your rabbit's foot. You ability get lucky. Once you accept a assertive bookish continuing and assemblage count, you just accept to use the law of allure and achievement for the best arrangement time.

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