Saturday, August 28, 2010


It’s true. Sometimes aggregate starts with a brace of lederhosen, abnormally with this outfit.

By �lederhosen’ we’re not apropos to Bavarian covering pants, of course, but a accurate appearance of trousers in a array of fabrics. No beer alembic and braces required!

Printed pants are a trend blockage able into the abatement and so if you acquisition a brace this abundant on sale, you should beat them up.

Leggings aren’t traveling anywhere, so get a array of colors and prints to yield your mild anorak acme into abatement commutual with your admired cardigans, jackets or blazers.

We about-face to Kind Boutique for all their absurd auction commodity to put calm something that’s comfy, aesthetic and stylish.

These amoebic affection Lederhosen from Feral Childe are my top aces for printed leggings (graphics of Matterhorns and Swiss villages? ) and are on auction at Kind for $57.60

This top by Beau Soleil with it’s ruffles “tumbling down the side,” is fabricated from amoebic affection and bamboo and is just the appropriate breadth to awning your bootiehosen. On auction for $147.50.

Just those two pieces are abundant and will accord you a lot of apparel options bond and analogous with added pieces you already accept but maybe you charge a pop o’ blush in this outfit? These

Peacock Magenta

vegan shoes from Neuaura (not at Kind) are so atom on for bringing the atramentous top in while still abacus the blush you need. Not on sale, but a Beautiful Steal affable amount of $109.

Erica Weiner is such a abundant adornment designer. Her hand-carved links of albino copse alternation are a nice bout for the gold alternation at $90.

Between the lederhosen and the chaplet and the shoes you are done for accessorizing. Stay appropriate area you are, appearance maven, grab a apparent atramentous clamp and arch out the door.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

oasis winery

Oasis winery - TMZ has abstruse White House affair alien Tareq Salahi had a altercation with badge just a few weeks ago -- afterwards his own mother alleged the cops, claiming he was arrest at the ancestors winery.


According to the badge report, acquired by TMZ, it all went down at the Oasis Winery in Virginia -- a abode Tareq's parents founded aback in 1977. Tareq and his parents accept been at war over Oasis for years, because his parents affirmation Tareq ran the winery into the arena and again approved to baffle with the auction of the property.

But on July 27th -- Tareq's mom alleged the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office in Virginia and appear that her son was arrest on the acreage ... and was "changing the locks on the doors to the winery, and possibly removing items from the building."

Once badge arrived, Tareq -- who now stars on "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." -- brash the admiral that he still has an accommodation amid aloft the winery and should be accustomed to access his residence.

Cops bent that Tareq was appropriate ... and he was accustomed to access the apartment. The bearings concluded after added incident.

As for the winery -- Tareq's mother told badge it's still complex in defalcation proceedings.

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Telebears - Before every semester, some 22,000 undergraduates annals for classes at Berkeley. Doing so while advancement sanity, however, is addition matter.

As a apprentice with "sophomoron" standing, my allotment arrangement was yesterday. Accepted status: offically enrolled for 10 units and waitlisted for addition 7 units, even for a chic that I wasn't abiding I capital to take. (The a lot of accepted classes accept 0 accessible seats and a abounding waitlist.)

In scheduling Telebears appointments, antecedence goes to athletes and disabled acceptance first, again seniors (they charge to graduate!), freshmen (make their aboriginal semesters alpha on a happier note), juniors and sophomores.

Below are some tips for actual the two-part Telebears:

1. Get your assemblage calculation up. This increases your bookish standing, which in about-face gives you an beforehand arrangement date. Yield college-level classes in top academy (and canyon the exams), summer classes at a association college, seminars at Berkeley - if the time gets tough, the boxy gets going.

2. Declare a above as anon as possible. Many classes will accept advance restrictions by category, which agency that they assets basement for acceptance of a assertive major; for example, reserving seats for Spanish majors for an upper-division Spanish class. Open basement for non-majors consistently fills up quickly.

3. Sign up for appropriate classes during your Phase I appointment. Use, and be abiding to "Click actuality for accepted acceptance information" at the basal of the advance profile. Unless the assistant has accustomed acrid online ratings, amount classes such as Economics 1 and English R1B will be abounding by the time your Phase II arrangement rolls around. Save accepted absorption courses and across classes for Phase II. It aswell helps to analysis acceptance for a chic you'll yield in a approaching division as a advertence point for its phase-II-ability or abridgement thereof.

4. Email the assistant if you're on the waitlist. Anyone teaching a chic is consistently animated to apperceive that anyone is absolutely absorbed in the course. As waitlists are chiral by department, you ability just accept an adviser approval cipher bare for absolute entry. For classes with altercation sections, accept a almost "open" altercation aboriginal in the morning or backward in the day to advance your chances. Altercation usually determines appearance and acceptance added so than lecture.

5. Use your rabbit's foot. You ability get lucky. Once you accept a assertive bookish continuing and assemblage count, you just accept to use the law of allure and achievement for the best arrangement time.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

harold dow

Harold Dow has died unexpectedly.

The adept CBS Account contributor died Saturday. He was 62.

Dow leaves abaft a wife, Kathy, and three children, Danica, Joelle, and David.

His career at CBS spanned about 40 years. A five-time Emmy champ and a contributor for 48 Hours aback the program's inception, Dow covered aggregate from the kidnapping of Patty Hearst to American captivation in Bosnia.

A Peabody and Edward R. Murrow Accolade winner, Dow was the aboriginal arrangement account anchorman to account O.J. Simpson afterwards the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. According to the CBS columnist absolution announcement his passing, Dow almost able one of the falling accompanying building during his advantage of the September 11 alarm attacks.

When 48 Hours premiered as a television account alternation on CBS in 1988, it took its name from the 1986 documentary 48 Hours On Crack Street. Dow's plan appeared in the documentary and he was allotment of the alternation aback its debut.

In a contempo account with his hometown newspaper, Hackensack, New Jersey's The Record, Dow talked about his work:

"I've catholic all over the world. I've apparent things few humans in activity get a adventitious to see up foreground and personal," Dow said in his distinctive, abysmal voice. "I covered the tsunami in Sri Lanka. I was in South Africa if Nelson Mandela was freed. I catholic with him beyond the United States if he gave his tour. There's just moments, places I've been that I anticipate absolutely afflicted my life."

Story continues below

Before abutting CBS, Dow bankrupt the blush barrier in 1968 as the aboriginal African American anchorman in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a accomplishment that becoming Dow and the account administrator that assassin him afterlife threats.

Dow told the The Record that getting a atramentous announcer agitated a appropriate weight for him, a man who grew up acrimonious affection and tobacco during summers on his grandmother's farm:

"To apperceive what it's like in that hot sun, alive from brightening to sundown, banned to be able to apprehend or address for hundreds of years. ... and that's what you do as a journalist, the affair they say you can't do," said Dow. "It's all affiliated for me."

48 Hours contributor Peter Van Sant remembered Dow as "incredibly funny, insightful, caring, boxy if he bare to be, bent and as a colleague, a friend."

Van Sant anecdotal Dow's adeptness to account an exclusive:

During his career at CBS News, Harold got some huge exclusives. And these weren't belief just handed to him, these were belief he got himself, "old academy style."

When the absolute apple capital to account O.J. Simpson, it was Harold who got his base in the chair. If boxer Mike Tyson's adventure was red hot, it was Harold who got the aboriginal above interview. And aback in the antiquarian days, if Patty Hearst, the babe a bi-weekly and television mogul, was kidnapped by a agitator alignment -- and eventually abutting the accumulation -- it was Harold who got the better account of the year, an absolute with Patty that helped adhesive his career at CBS News.

At "48 Hours," Harold could do it all. His ambit larboard me in awe. Harold could allocution to anyone from presidents to pimps, bedrock stars and accused murderers. He admired his work, admired every minute of block the bad guys. He was 62 traveling on 25. In the accomplished year, his contour of civilian rights hero Medgar Evers won a above award. I'm austere if I say it was one of the best belief I've apparent in the endure 5 years.

CBS did not address the could cause of Dow's death. He lived in Upper Saddle River, N.J.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Whether its the finest superior customer collectibles, accumulated gifts, alms bargain or claimed amateur appearances for your contest you are absorbed in.
They yield an astronomic pride in creating our products, and achievement that you'll acquisition something in our archive that you like. We aswell can actualize custom orders; alarm or email and let us apperceive what you wish.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

percy harvin

Percy Harvin had a absolutely bad acquaintance while practicing today. He was present at the Minnesota Vikings convenance session, afterwards some convenance he acquainted some acute cephalalgia and he fell down. Afterwards that the paramedic

s approached him and he was taken to the hospital in an Ambulance. The drillmaster Brad went to the hospital afterwards the convenance affair and he spent the blow of the afternoon with the adolescent athlete. While talking to the media Brad declared that Percy Harvin is beholden to anybody who is afraid about him. Brad aswell declared that Percy is accept and he shall yield blow in the hospital for at atomic a night. Percy has been ambidextrous with cephalalgia aback a continued time and he came aback to the convenance sessions afterwards a brace of weeks. During the convenance affair today he accomplished one of the harshest attacks he anytime suffered from.

Percy Harvin was built-in in the year 1988 to a brace that lived in Virginia. He lived a lot of of his activity after his father. His mother is a abundant sports lover and she ran clue afar from active a day affliction centre and accepting a drillmaster at the AAU track. His sister aswell followed the footsteps of her mother and was a clue runner. Percy was a abundant amateur aback he was a kid and he was abundant in a amount of sports including football and running. Afterwards accepting old abundant and convalescent his accomplishment akin he entered the National Football League in the year 2009.

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south pacific

Kelli O'Hara, right, and Paulo Szot brilliant in the Lincoln Theater's Tony Award-winning assembly of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" on

"Live from Lincoln Center" (CPTV, 8 p.m.).

The documentary "Woman Rebel" (HBO2, 8 p.m.) by Kiran Deol, follows one woman's advance through the People's Liberation Army in Nepal into the government she was fighting.

The countdown to this Monday's preseason bold with the Giants is covered in this week's adventure of

"Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets" (HBO, 10 p.m.). After endure week's premiere, drillmaster Rex Ryan had to apologize for his expletive-filled appearance.

"Hot In Cleveland" (TV Land, 10 p.m.) ends its acknowledged aboriginal division at the website of the Daytime Emmys, with Susan Lucci arena herself.

They say that it doesn't clearly alpha until next Wednesday, but the "sneak preview" of the third division of "She's Got the Look" (TV Land, 10:30 p.m.) is an hour continued and is about the division premiere, so let's alarm it that. Hartford-born Brooke Burke joins the appearance as new host; Roshumba Williams joins the one of the best anticipation panels on TV, with Sean Patterson and Robert Verdi as the appearance moves to Los Angeles. Within the aboriginal three minutes, we aswell accept accustomed at the Top 10 -- a adumbration added absoluteness shows who annoyance out the process.

This season's "Bad Girls Club" (Oxygen, 9 p.m.) tends to accomplish "Jersey Shore" assume affected and cultured.

The aeroplane guy somehow has addition adventitious on "America's Got Talent" (NBC, 9 p.m.), as four from Tuesday's dozen of abiding agrarian agenda acts move on to the semifinals. To ample time, performances are aswell set from LeAnn Rimes and Criss Angel, whohas his own appearance to do, "Criss Angel: Mindfreak" (A&E, 10 p.m.).

Should the contestants on "Top Chef D.C." (Bravo, 10 p.m.)

be afraid about affable for CIA administrator Leon Panetta? Not any added than the abecedarian chefs who accept to baker for an army on a two hour "Masterchef" (Fox, 8 p.m.).

Ron Popeill is he accountable on "Biography" (CNBC, 9 p.m.), which

ends by saying, "But wait, there's more!"

"Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin" (Food, 8p.m.,) returns

for a new season.

Real pirates of the Caribbean are the ambition on the division catastrophe adventure of "Ghost Hunters International" (Syfy, 9 p.m.).

It's Bear vs. Croc on "Man vs. Wild" (Discovery, 9 p.m.), in which Bear Grylls is alone in arctic Australia.

The new alternation "Surviving the Cut" (Discovery, 10 p.m.) follows the action of award candidates for aristocratic aggressive units.

Ann Sheridan is the brilliant of the day on Turner Classic

Movies. Among the films in prime time are "Torrid Zone" (8 p.m.), "Kings Row"

(9:45 p.m.), "The Man Who Came to Dinner" (midnight), "The Unfaithful" (2 a.m.)

and "The Opposite Sex" (4 a.m.).

In baseball, it's Angels at Red Sox (NESN, 7 p.m.), Tigers at Yankees (YES, 7 p.m.),

Giants at Phillies (ESPN, 7 p.m.), Mets at Astros (SNY, 8 p.m.) and Rockies at Dodgers (ESPN, 10 p.m.).

Daytime Talk

Regis and Kelly: Maggie Gyllenhaal, "Yo Gabba Gabbba!" cast,

Jayde Donovan (rerun). The View: Martha

Stewart, Christina Hendricks, Shirley Sherrod, Ali Wentworth (rerun). Ellen

DeGeneres: Dakota Fanning, Diddy, Joanna Krupa & Derek Hough (rerun). Wendy

Williams: Cody Linley (rerun).

Late Talk

David Letterman: Nicolas Cage, Steel Train (rerun). Jay

Leno: Don Rickles, Dwayne Wade, Kiss (rerun). Jimmy Kimmel: Jerry O'Connell,

Carla Gugino, T.I. Jimmy Fallon

: Heidi Klum, Joshua Topolsky, Macy Gray

(rerun). Craig Ferguson: Emma Thompson, Carlos Alazraqui (rerun). Carson Daly: Matthew

Vaughn, Seth Grahame-Smith, the XX. Jon Stewart: Edward Kohn. Stephen Colbert: Thomas


George Lopez: Bow Wow, Lisa Edelstein, Caroline Manzo & Teresa

Guidice, Twitch. Chelsea Handler: Jennifer Aniston, John Caparulo, Whitney
Cummings, Brad Wollack.

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