Sunday, August 22, 2010

harold dow

Harold Dow has died unexpectedly.

The adept CBS Account contributor died Saturday. He was 62.

Dow leaves abaft a wife, Kathy, and three children, Danica, Joelle, and David.

His career at CBS spanned about 40 years. A five-time Emmy champ and a contributor for 48 Hours aback the program's inception, Dow covered aggregate from the kidnapping of Patty Hearst to American captivation in Bosnia.

A Peabody and Edward R. Murrow Accolade winner, Dow was the aboriginal arrangement account anchorman to account O.J. Simpson afterwards the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. According to the CBS columnist absolution announcement his passing, Dow almost able one of the falling accompanying building during his advantage of the September 11 alarm attacks.

When 48 Hours premiered as a television account alternation on CBS in 1988, it took its name from the 1986 documentary 48 Hours On Crack Street. Dow's plan appeared in the documentary and he was allotment of the alternation aback its debut.

In a contempo account with his hometown newspaper, Hackensack, New Jersey's The Record, Dow talked about his work:

"I've catholic all over the world. I've apparent things few humans in activity get a adventitious to see up foreground and personal," Dow said in his distinctive, abysmal voice. "I covered the tsunami in Sri Lanka. I was in South Africa if Nelson Mandela was freed. I catholic with him beyond the United States if he gave his tour. There's just moments, places I've been that I anticipate absolutely afflicted my life."

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Before abutting CBS, Dow bankrupt the blush barrier in 1968 as the aboriginal African American anchorman in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a accomplishment that becoming Dow and the account administrator that assassin him afterlife threats.

Dow told the The Record that getting a atramentous announcer agitated a appropriate weight for him, a man who grew up acrimonious affection and tobacco during summers on his grandmother's farm:

"To apperceive what it's like in that hot sun, alive from brightening to sundown, banned to be able to apprehend or address for hundreds of years. ... and that's what you do as a journalist, the affair they say you can't do," said Dow. "It's all affiliated for me."

48 Hours contributor Peter Van Sant remembered Dow as "incredibly funny, insightful, caring, boxy if he bare to be, bent and as a colleague, a friend."

Van Sant anecdotal Dow's adeptness to account an exclusive:

During his career at CBS News, Harold got some huge exclusives. And these weren't belief just handed to him, these were belief he got himself, "old academy style."

When the absolute apple capital to account O.J. Simpson, it was Harold who got his base in the chair. If boxer Mike Tyson's adventure was red hot, it was Harold who got the aboriginal above interview. And aback in the antiquarian days, if Patty Hearst, the babe a bi-weekly and television mogul, was kidnapped by a agitator alignment -- and eventually abutting the accumulation -- it was Harold who got the better account of the year, an absolute with Patty that helped adhesive his career at CBS News.

At "48 Hours," Harold could do it all. His ambit larboard me in awe. Harold could allocution to anyone from presidents to pimps, bedrock stars and accused murderers. He admired his work, admired every minute of block the bad guys. He was 62 traveling on 25. In the accomplished year, his contour of civilian rights hero Medgar Evers won a above award. I'm austere if I say it was one of the best belief I've apparent in the endure 5 years.

CBS did not address the could cause of Dow's death. He lived in Upper Saddle River, N.J.

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