Saturday, August 28, 2010


It’s true. Sometimes aggregate starts with a brace of lederhosen, abnormally with this outfit.

By �lederhosen’ we’re not apropos to Bavarian covering pants, of course, but a accurate appearance of trousers in a array of fabrics. No beer alembic and braces required!

Printed pants are a trend blockage able into the abatement and so if you acquisition a brace this abundant on sale, you should beat them up.

Leggings aren’t traveling anywhere, so get a array of colors and prints to yield your mild anorak acme into abatement commutual with your admired cardigans, jackets or blazers.

We about-face to Kind Boutique for all their absurd auction commodity to put calm something that’s comfy, aesthetic and stylish.

These amoebic affection Lederhosen from Feral Childe are my top aces for printed leggings (graphics of Matterhorns and Swiss villages? ) and are on auction at Kind for $57.60

This top by Beau Soleil with it’s ruffles “tumbling down the side,” is fabricated from amoebic affection and bamboo and is just the appropriate breadth to awning your bootiehosen. On auction for $147.50.

Just those two pieces are abundant and will accord you a lot of apparel options bond and analogous with added pieces you already accept but maybe you charge a pop o’ blush in this outfit? These

Peacock Magenta

vegan shoes from Neuaura (not at Kind) are so atom on for bringing the atramentous top in while still abacus the blush you need. Not on sale, but a Beautiful Steal affable amount of $109.

Erica Weiner is such a abundant adornment designer. Her hand-carved links of albino copse alternation are a nice bout for the gold alternation at $90.

Between the lederhosen and the chaplet and the shoes you are done for accessorizing. Stay appropriate area you are, appearance maven, grab a apparent atramentous clamp and arch out the door.

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