Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monkfish (or Headfish) is the English name of a amount of types of angle in the northwest Atlantic, a lot of conspicuously the breed of the anglerfish brand Lophius and the angelshark brand Squatina.

The appellation is aswell occasionally acclimated for a European sea monster added generally alleged a sea monk.

Monkfish is the a lot of accepted English name for the brand Lophius in the northwest Atlantic but goosefish [1] is acclimated as the agnate appellation on the eastern bank of North America.

Lophius has three continued filaments beginning from the average of the head; these are the alone and adapted three aboriginal spines of the antecedent after fin. As in a lot of anglerfish species, the longest fiber is the aboriginal (illicium), which terminates in an aberrant advance of flesh, the esca. This adapted fin ray is adaptable in all directions. This esca is acclimated as a allurement to allure added fishes, which monkfish then about absorb whole. Experiments accept shown, however, that whether the casualty has been admiring to the allurement or not is not carefully relevant, as the activity of the aperture is an automated reflex triggered by acquaintance with the esca.

It grows to a breadth of added than 1.5 m (5 ft); specimens of 1 m (3 ft) are common. The better recorded case bent advised 99.4 kg (219 lbs).

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